The Parkers Brothers custom Tron Lightcycle chopperSo here's the deal: You're a filthy, stinking rich son of a bitch and you're about to get even richer now that President Obama has agreed not to let your taxes go up. What are you going to do with all that extra dough?

You could give that money to a worthy charity ... and when you're done laughing until you pass out, you could take that money and buy this working replica of the "Tron" light cycle.

Our close, personal friends at Parker Brothers Custom Choppers in Melbourne, Fla., have completed most of their custom-designed light cycle line inspired by the new "Tron: Legacy" movie opening next week. That means the ones that weren't on back order are officially on sale, and the best part is they are completely street legal. You can drive them down any road and make your regular neighbors very confused and your geekier neighbors very jealous.

But it gets better: A video from Parker Brothers' recent test run shows a sneak peek of the bike on display for some kind of Playboy cover shoot. So, either that means we're finally going to get to see "Tron" and "House" star Olivia Wilde naked in a place other than our heads, or millions of disappointed readers will know what it's like to see Jeff Bridges going the full monty.

The bike has two sets of spoke-less wheels, a seat that lets the rider lie forward without looking too uncomfortable and it somehow makes some very sharp turns. These guys could build a 2.0 model that emits a laser trail wall, and it wouldn't faze us. Prepare for amazement in the video below, user.