Our happy hour fact to amaze you drinking buddies with.

Eight in 10 married people buy things that they don't tell their spouses about.

According to a survey by CESI Debt Solutions, men are slightly more likely than women to engage in this soft deception. However, 43 percent of wives cop to buying clothing or accessories that they don't tell their husbands about, making fashion easily the most common purchase that a spouse of one gender hides from the other.

The purchase guys are most likely to keep from their wives is booze, which 21 percent of husbands have done.

"You're avoiding conflict or criticism from your partner," said psychologist Brad Klontz about this prevalent practice.

Then there are the 4 percent of husbands who neglect to disclose to their wives that they have bought an online dating membership. The motivation there could be a bit deeper than "avoiding conflict or criticism."