Other than sending warm wishes to that special someone on International Pole-Dancing Day, the greeting card and exotic-dancing industries rarely intersect.

But one enterprising and flexible lady has found a way to combine the two forms of "art" on a daily basis. Meet Jill-Anne, a greeting card designer who pole-dances in her Manhattan shop to help lure in customers.

She also offers a free personal pole-dance to anyone who buys at least $50 worth of merchandise, a deal you certainly won't find at Hallmark.

Coochie-shimmying aside, Jill-Anne's cards are nothing to sniff at. She hand-paints and prints them herself, foregoing the traditional classics ("Congratulations on your bar mitzvah!") for modern quirk ("Congratulations on your divorce!").

Keep reading to watch Jill-Anne work the pole and a paintbrush. And happy belated International Pole-Dancing Day to you and yours!