If all you've ever wanted is a prosthetic arm that looks like a terrifying tentacle, this could potentially be your best Christmas ever. Because, that is a product that now exists.

Invented by Kaylene Kau, a recent graduate from the University of Washington, the tentacle-thingy was apparently not designed to inspire nightmares; rather, its user can control it with two buttons located on the upper portion of the "arm." The tentacle can curl up like something out of a Tim Burton movie and wrap itself around an object, just like the way an octopus would wrap one of its tentacles around your neck if it got really pissed off. Much like an angry octopus, the tentacle won't let go until its master tells it to.

So, on the one hand, hooray -- people with a missing arm can grab and carry stuff more easily! On the other hand, we sincerely hope we don't die at the non-hand of a one-armed person with a short temper. More photos of this cephalopodic limb, after the jump!