Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.

Those with a liberal ideology are more likely to shift their eyes in response to the eye movement of the person they are looking at.

Researchers from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln conducted an experiment on 72 people who were asked to tap the space bar on a computer keyboard as soon as they saw a specific target on a computer screen. Before the target showed up, a drawing of a face with pupils that pointed either to the left or the right appeared on the screen. The test subjects were told before the experiment began that this face would have no bearing on what part of the screen the target first appeared.

Nevertheless, those who rated "liberal" on an ideology test that the participants took after the experiment was over were more likely to follow the eyes on the computer screen with their eyes than those who rated "conservative."

The researchers suggest, in their conclusion, that since conservative people value autonomy more, they are less likely to be influenced by the so-called "gaze cues" of others.

We're pretty sure both liberals and conservatives can come up with alternative explanations for this discrepancy that could be used to impugn the other.