One step outside into the increasingly frigid air of an East Coast December is enough to make us yearn for some place a little warmer -- or at least a cute lady to keep us toasty. This week's "Would You Rather?" teases both desires.

Jamie is a cute Oklahoma girl with big brown eyes and dimples. She's got the looks of the girl next door and the brain of a science geek. So, she's the total package.

Marrying other enviable qualities (in technology anyway), this flashy LED map of the United States is fully interactive. You can chart where you've traveled, or simply light up someplace you'd like to visit. (Say, Oklahoma?) The right coast rendered in a verdant green is misleading, but our inner tech geek is easily distracted by shiny toys and touch-activated screens.

Keep reading for a sleepy Jamie waking up and the pros and cons.

Which would you rather have?
Jamie -- Brainy science chick724 (76.7%)
Interactive LED Map -- Vibrant U.S.A. display220 (23.3%)

Pro: Is OK with snoring ...
Con: ... so long as you don't laugh like a hyena.
Pro: Says she's never been turned down when she made a move. We definitely wouldn't break that streak.
Con: Used to crush on a Hanson brother. We can't compete with that.

Interactive LED Map
Pro: Its high-tech display makes geography cool.
Con: Neighbors who catch a glimpse of the map hanging on the wall might think you're plotting something nefarious.
Pro: Replaces paper maps and thumb tacs with fancy LED and bright lights.
Con: You'll eventually just go back to playing with your iPad.