To the left is Octomom. Last year she beat out woman-beater Chris Brown to win the title of "Whom Can We All Agree to Hate in 2009?"

The year before that, it was swindler Bernie Madoff who took the crown of scorn.

This year we have five new nominees. Each one, we think, has a chance to unify our collective hate in a way that less universal subjects of contempt -- like a polarizing figure who is both loved and hated, such as Sarah Palin -- cannot.

Actually, the quality of universal villains wasn't as high in 2010 as it has been in years past. So, if we are overlooking a candidate we can all agree to hate, please let us know in the comments.

Read on for an explanation of how each nominee wronged the entire known universe with his despicable behavior.

Who's been the most universially hateable figure of 2010
LeBron James -- "Decision" disaster2468 (26.4%)
Julian Assange -- cable-leaking creep2689 (28.7%)
"Jersey Shore" cast -- dumbing down the dumbest of genres 2521 (26.9%)
Justin Bieber -- it's not the good kind of fever1313 (14.0%)
Mark Zuckerberg -- the billionaire after all of our digital souls371 (4.0%)

Julian Assange
We could have a pretty good debate about whether Wikileaks is as evil as some are making it about to be. However, there is little doubt that Assange, the mastermind behind the rogue media site, is uniquely repellent, with his aggressive hair-styling, megalomaniacal tendencies, Bond-villain name and alleged habit of springing "sex by surprise" on Swedish women.

LeBron James
He publicly and unnecessarily humiliated his hometown on national TV, just so he could play Robin to Dwyane Wade's Batman. He also launched a million "I'm going to take my talents to ..." jokes, all of which got old really quick.

"Jersey Shore" Cast
Clearly, some of them are more hate-able than others, but 2010 was the year all the Seaside Heights / Miami gang became wealthy by taking Western Civilization down a couple pegs. Most of these coastal-dwelling oompa loompas don't even hail from New Jersey, but their antics and their hairspray may have permanently impugned the oft-maligned state.

Justin Bieber
There must be some kind of nasty hormone that gives 12-year-old girls such inexplicably dreadful taste. Actually, we really don't mind the munchkin. We just like mentioning his name for the traffic.

Mark Zuckerberg
He's 26 years old, worth about $7 billion and has a giant database containing all sorts of creepy personal details about you. If that wasn't reason enough to hate him, has Facebook really made your life any better? It seems to us that it consists mostly of just a bunch of useless drivel from folks we barely know. Yet, we can't stop checking and checking. (Damn you, Zuckerberg!)