Hell hath no fury like a fast food worker scorned. Piss one off, and you not only risk eating your Big Mac with an extra dollop of loogie. In some bizarre cases, you might also be smacked with offensive comments written on your bill.

Lately there's been a rash of these disgruntled cash register jockeys, passive-aggressively insulting patrons for being whiny little a-holes. Because even though the customer is always right, they don't always get the last word.

Keep reading to see the receipts that deliver a side of sass with proof of purchase.

When Pizza Hut delivered the wrong pie to Candice Johnson of Hastings, Nebraska, she called to complain, and they gave her store credit. On her next order, a receipt stapled to her pizza box had this sentiment/warning: "Careful, this gal's a real bitch." Naturally, she called to complain again. Then she notified the local news station, telling them she's suing Pizza Hut for the "threatening" language. Honestly? This gal sounds like a real bitch.

Annoying customers and rude service are apparently not exclusive to America. In jolly ol' England, an unjolly 2-year-old had a tantrum at Mexican Restaurant Cactus Jack's when her food took too long to arrive. The server did not take kindly to a toddler going ballistic over some delayed guacamole, which he expressed on their bill by signing off, "Thank you, little f**cker." At least he had the courtesy to thank her.

Francisco Perez ordered a Double Whopper at a Sacramento Burger King. What he got was a double whopper, all right: "F**k you" was printed twice on the receipt. Two BK employees were fired over the matter, and Perez, who received vouchers for food, says he'll never visit the establishment again. His restraint would be much more admirable if there weren't three In-N-Out Burgers in the area.

Here's another case of a Pizza Hut employee who could use some sensitivity training. "Big Black" was written on Karl Mayberry's Pizza Hut receipt, in the space one's name is supposed to be entered. Mayberry is African-American and was rightly outraged by the comment, which was extra hurtful since he ordered the pizza on Martin Luther King Day. Perhaps the "I Have A Dream" speech needs an addendum that says all men, regardless of color, shall one day be able to order a Meat Lover's pizza without it being tainted by the disgusting comments of ignorant cashiers.