A bus driver who was filmed veering into the wrong lane to "murder" a snowman built on a road has been forced to resign after the clip was uploaded to YouTube.

We've tried to find a weirder way to lose a job and it's official -- mowing down a snowman in the middle of a road is one of the oddest ways to lose a job ever.

The University of Illinois campus in Urbana was the scene of the "crime." Some student jokers built their own Frosty in the middle of the road, causing cautious drivers to slow down to make sure they don't hit someone in the dark.

But one bus driver decided this was too dangerous (and/or puerile) and after noticing that it was a snowman, veered away from his lane and plowed the white guy into slushy oblivion.

Then a video of the event went online. Then Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District received complaints, and the driver decided to resign. Check out the footage of the event below and make up your own mind -- and let us know what you think in the comment box.