As our friends at FilmDrunk report, the Weinstein Brothers are getting back together with their old production company Miramax, which they left in 2005.

And to revive their old glory, the partnership will produce sequels to Miramax classics like "Rounders," "Shakespeare in Love," "Bridget Jones's Diary," "Cop Land," "Bad Santa," "From Dusk Till Dawn," "Swingers" and "Clerks."

"Holy we've-run-out-of-good-ideas, Batman!"

Then again, as more and more movies get made, it becomes harder and harder to dream up an original film concept. So maybe it's better to go the sequel route then try to force something new and come up with a movie in which ninjas fight cowboys.

In fact, there have been some pretty great sequels over the years. We want to know which you think is best. If we missed your favorite sequel, let us know about it in the comment section.

What's been the best film sequel?
"Godfather 2" -- Deniro plus Pacino 516 (18.3%)
"Terminator 2" -- Arnold turns hero394 (14.0%)
"Aliens" -- James Cameron adds an "s"253 (9.0%)
"The Dark Knight" -- sequel of a franchise sequel 848 (30.2%)
"The Empire Strikes Back" -- still Ewok-free722 (25.7%)
"Toy Story 2" -- still fun for the whole family79 (2.8%)