Every year when the scene in your window turns into a blanket of pristine white powder, something inside us says, nay, screams, "You must tame that."

Enter the sled, a winter weapon that says to the world, "I'm not going to let the danger or the laws of motion keep me from experiencing the joy of released endorphins and vein-coursing adrenaline."

Some sledders, however, have found some unique and downright dangerous ways to tame the white beast of snow using more than just a simple hill or a basic toboggan.

These sledders found new ways to "fight the powder."

I Believe I Can Sled
Ramps were made for sledding. Not only does the frictionless snow give riders extreme amounts of airtime, but they also make for the most uncomfortable-looking landings since JetBlue's last improvised approach. These Colorado kids found some heavy slopes that launched their riders into the air, and a time-release camera was there to capture every crash landing.

Sled Over Heels

Nothing makes you feel more alive than the confidence that comes from doing an awesome flip except, of course, the searing pain from landing on your head and severing your spine in three places. That just makes you wish you were dead. These sledders not only achieved the long sought-after front flip, they also discovered the even rarer "double" front flip.

An Air-Raising Jump

Why do all the cool extreme jumps and crashes happen in Wyoming? Probably because their isn't anything else to do there. These kids set up what appears to be a simple snow ramp, but it turns into one of the biggest jumps man can achieve without strapping a fuel-guzzling booster rocket on his back.

Taking the "Slow" Out of "Ski Slopes"

Apparently when the ski season ends and the hordes of yuppie weekend warriors vacate the resorts to return to their 9 to 5 life of looking down on anyone who doesn't have a summer home in Aspen, the resort employees grab snowboards and ride them down K2 head first. I wonder if the real reason they call it "head first" is because that's the first part of your body to lose feeling when you wipe out?

The Couch Trip

What if you're the kind of person who doesn't like getting off of their couch to experience all the thrills that life has to offer? That's easy, just strap a couple of slick skis to the legs, get a group of your friends and push it down a steep hill and hope that everyone has a low health insurance premium.

Car Trouble
Adrenaline junkies with too much time on their hands and lifetime car warranties stumbled upon this new extreme sport that combines snow drifting and sledding into a bizarre hybrid sport called "car skiing." It's basically water skiing but with a car instead of a boat and a snowy street instead of a lake. We're not recommending that anyone out there try this in their own backyard. Don't try it in the front yard either.