Charles Barkley is full of opinions. Our friends at With Leather have a roundup of Charles Barkley's latest thoughts on Cliff Lee, John Wall, Carmelo Anthony and Brett Favre's junk.

Sir Charles also touched on the BCS, which he, of course, thinks is just "turrible," even though the much-maligned system has placed his alma mater, Auburn, in college football's national championship this year.

Barkley expressed his hope that a plan proposed by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to raise $500 million to establish a (for-profit) 12- to 16-team college football playoff would gain traction.

BCS executives and college presidents have already dismissed Cuban's plan, but the billionaire sports-fan extraordinaire is nothing if not tenacious.

Do you think Cuban's plan has a shot to shake things up in the not-so-distant future, or will college football continue to ensure that its national champion isn't definitively decided by on-the-field play?

Can Mark Cuban bring a playoff to college football?
It could happen -- he has the money and personality to pull it off394 (61.5%)
No -- life certainties are death, taxes and a lack of a playoff in college football247 (38.5%)