A pair of dogs have become an online hit after collecting litter at a Christmas market in France. Did we mention they did it while wearing fluorescent jackets and pushing little cleaning trolleys?

We thought that might get your attention! Boston terriers Neo and Tuxedo recently performed their stunt at a festive market in Montpellier, where they soon became the star attraction.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, the black and white dogs can be seen providing their canine cleaning service by pushing a trolley around and picking up bits of litter in their mouths.

Owners of Neo and Tuxedo say they trained the pair using a "clicker training method," which also helped them learn to skateboard.

Keep reading to see the pair and their clean up operation ... and then ask yourself why the dogs at your local park can't be trained to clean up after themselves too.

Want to see the pair perform other tricks? How about that skateboarding clip we were telling you about.

Or failing that, watch the duo go on a pet shop supermarket sweep.