As our friends at With Leather report, the Sunday night game in Philadelphia between the Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings was postponed until Tuesday because of the blizzard which struck the Northeast yesterday.

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (a fervent fan of both the Eagles and snow football) ripped the decision to postpone, calling it "a joke." He added, "We've become a nation of wussies."

We agree that part of football's charm is that games are supposed to go on no matter what mother nature has to say.

We also happened to have been traversing the highways not too far from Philadelphia yesterday at about the time folks would have been leaving for the game. As darkness fell, there were almost as many cars stranded on the side of the road as there were puttering along at about 30 miles an hour. We can only imagine what the conditions would have been like at midnight, when the fans would have headed home.

What do you think, should the game have been postponed?

Was postponing the Eagles/Vikings game the right decision?
Yes -- better safe than sorry 350 (28.4%)
No -- a roof collapse is the only good reason to postpone an NFL game693 (56.2%)
Fine -- but they should at least play on Monday191 (15.5%)