"The Price Is Right" has been around since 1965, and it has given away more than its share of ugly entertainment centers, useless blenders and laughably tacky two-door hatchback cars.

But really, who's watching the world's longest-running subliminal advertisement for its products? The guessing game of "The Price Is Right" has always taken a back seat to contestants wearing bizarre outfits, jumping on Bob Barker and taking him down and going berserk when they win, say, $500.

Their unpredictably (and obliviousness to the fact that millions are watching their goofiness) is what we've always loved about America's greatest game show.

Keep reading to see the craziest, weirdest, wackiest, worst-dancing-est clips in the show's 38-year history.

Heh heh ... 420. Get it? Heh heh. Funny. This guy goes all the way out to California, to the studio at some ungodly hour, miraculously gets called on to "come on down!" and what does he do? He becomes a national joke. It doesn't help that the actual retail price was hundreds of dollars more than this doofus guessed.

Being on "The Price Is Right" is terrifying enough, but then you have to remember an unfunny dweeb like Drew Carey is trying to put you at ease by making fun of how nervous you are or making bad jokes about your fellow "dude" contestants. Then again, he would look even more ridiculous if he just stood there and let this zombie woman run amok.

Fans have been arguing about this video ever since it aired in January. Did this Showcase Showdown contestant fake her fainting spell for some sort of sympathy vote? Can you faint and recover this quickly? People who are actually home all day and have nothing better to do will surely debate these questions for centuries.

Although this clip runs far too long (hey, you have better things to do), it does contain some memorable moments: "Deadliest Catch" guy Josh Silberman jumping around like a deranged orangutan, Bob Barker golfing and the winner of a brand-new car humping that brand-new car. Skip to 6:00 for the winning putt and the automotive assault. Sorry to break it to you, Bob, but "hugging" does not usually involve pelvic thrusts.

"The Price Is Right" carefully selects its contestants prior to each show based on a survey of the incoming audience. They look for high energy, interesting T-shirts and crowd-pleasing stories, such as former-military people or couples celebrating their anniversaries. Often, though, the 18 espressos haven't kicked in and there's no way of knowing how wacky people will get later on. It's a shame the image quality on this clip is so poor because you would see that this break-dancing freak looks like the love child between John Turturro and Egon. Really, you don't need to see all that clearly to make out this dancing fool scaring Bob Barker right off the freaking stage.

In one of the most memorable moments in the show's history, Barker stopped the program to introduce one of the super-smokin' models to the audience, then brought out her boyfriend, who promptly proposed right there on the air. Based on the fact that the guy didn't even bother to get dressed up for this beautiful moment, we can't say we're surprised to learn that they broke up last year.

The final Bob Barker–hosted episode of "The Price Is Right" aired in June of 2007. It seems like the producers tried to cram in every insane possibility, from sobbing contestants to excited dudes who trip and fall down the aisle, into one ultimate broadcast. It worked. NSFW for the un-PC editor's inserts!

And lastly: Titty Cats is a real product, right? Because we've been searching for it for years, ever since this show aired.