Do not mess with Amazon Eve.

Eve (real name: Erika Ervin, apparently), is 6-foot-freaking-9-inches tall and can kick your ass. No, we don't mean she could probably kick your ass, we mean she definitely can. Although modeling is what the California native is known for, she makes a reported $400 to dispatch fawning fanboys in the wrestling ring.

According to the Telegraph, Eve is 31, a size-14 shoe and (arguably) the tallest model in the world. She says her height is "more popular in Asia and Europe, as in the U.S. it's kind of frowned upon. It's a bit of a stigma of shame for the men not to always be stronger, superior, taller than a woman." Damn straight, woman.

Recently, the model, who some typically-all-knowing YouTube commenters suspect is a secret transsexual, recently unleashed 81 inches of fury on the nerds of Texas. She stopped in at Hooters to wreck a few nitwits with her spin moves.

Keep reading for a video of this Amazonian powerhouse in action.