For Spanish TV journalist Lidia Camon, it was all going so well. She delivered her report from a snowy park without becoming the target of snowballs -- no mean feat. But then she got on a sled and didn't notice her microphone cable was wrapped around her leg ... so she pulled the cameraman down the hill with her.

Not so good.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, though the camera took a bit of a beating, slamming into the ground as the microphone cable yanked it out of the cameraman's hands and onto the snowy ground.

But when it comes to sledding accidents involving reporters, she should count herself lucky she didn't suffer a similar fate to the man in the classic clip we've added below.

It turns out a fast, inflatable sled to the knees will knock you clean over -- and even make you do a backflip. Who knew?

And now for the big backflip sledging surprise...