The Internet -- a magical land full of wonder and joy, weirdos and freaks, kittens and porn. And in the town of YouTube, there live some of the oddest people known to man.

And though they impress us for a few minutes, as we wonder how they did it and how we might do it ourselves, half an hour later, we've forgotten all about it.

So, in honor of those YouTube wizards who entertain us for no real benefit and for just over a minute, here's our compilation of the most impressive, but most pointless, YouTube tricks and skills after the jump.

Parking Skills
We love all of these, apart from the one with the woman using "The Force" to push her car into the right place. Seriously, that's cheating. Jedis on YouTube make this whole exercise just look silly.

Impossible Stop-Motion Guitar Skills

You don't have to know how to play guitar; you just need to be amazingly good at editing. Play lots of notes, string them together on your computer, and you've got yourself some YouTube gold. (For a drumming version, click here.)

Rubik's Cube
Do Rubik's Cubes really impress anybody? Colored panels, all in the right order? And you were the one who messed up the order in the first place, so you've really only got yourself to blame.

Pen Spinning

The bane of any teacher's life (barring student-on-student violence, screaming, shouting, and people nodding off) is kids fiddling, fiddling, fiddling ... (And no, not that way). The king of the mid-class distraction, the pen twiddle, has now become YouTube legend, as seen here:

Card Throwing

Throwing cards, Gambit-from-X-Men-style, is fun, impressive, utterly pointless and normally done at melons as the cards get lodged right into them (see here). But however many aces of spades you hurl through melons, you're still just flinging slices of tree at a big fruit. Instead, here's a man throwing a card across a stadium. No, it doesn't get more pointless than that.

Cup Stacking

OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! This girl is very good at stacking upside-down cups. Useful for when all the used cups at your party are upside down ... and you want to put them in a tower.

Coin Tricks

There are a huge number of coin tricks out there in the wild, wild Internet, but we thought it best to show you some serious freaky-deaky magician stuff here as one last hurrah. Seriously, there are coin tricks, and then there's this kind of stuff.