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Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin have finally split up. (FilmDrunk)

Lindsay Lohan
spent her first night out of rehab in a swanky hotel. (Radar Online)

Kim Kardashian will soon be torturing us with a new single and music video. (Daily Fill)

James Franco thinks he's a director now. (Screen Junkies)

Take a look back at the career of the late, great "that guy" actor Pete Postlethwaite . (UGO)

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Miley Cyrus's bong is for sale. (Popeater)

Get ready to feel old: "90210" star Gabrielle Carteris is now 50. (TMZ)

"Muppets with people eyes"
is the creepiest thing you'll see all day. (Unreality Mag)

This is what happens when "Street Fighter" meets WWE. (Next Round)

It's official: Natalie Portman is now a "MILF." (Holy Taco)

Celebrate the return of "Big Love" with photos of Chloe Sevigny in a bikini. (The Blemish)