Sit back, relax, and try not to spill your drink all over yourself -- Internet prankster Rémi Gaillard, the crazy Frenchman behind this football supporting stunt, this Mario Karting-in-real-life prank, never-ending elevator shenanigans involving sumo suits, French maid outfits, and several cannabis plants has been up no good throughout 2010.

Gathering together his five proudest moments from the past 12 months, this clip of clips includes a man attempting to romance a semi-naked woman on the beach ... wearing a blue pirate outfit and wielding a rose.

Then there's the man-dressed-up-as-a-butterfly that attempts to capture a policeman -- with a butterfly net and a giant dog who tries to return his "master's" golf ball.

Oh, and don't try this at home. Seriously, leave it to the "professionals." In the dog costumes.