Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.

Being forced to stay away from computers, cell phones, iPods, television, radio and newspapers causes young people to suffer similar symptoms to drug addicts and smokers who go cold turkey.

Researchers from the University of Maryland had students from 12 colleges around the world not use any of the aforementioned technologies for 24 hours, although they were allowed to use land-line phones and read books. The students kept diaries of how they were feeling during their period of information deprivation.

The students reported in their diaries physiological and physical symptoms comparable to addicts trying to quit smoking or drugs. These symptoms included feeling fidgety, anxious and isolated, and even reaching out for their cell phone, which was no longer there.

While we'd really love to mock the students who participated in this study, we're not sure how well we'd hold up in the face of such an information blackout, and find the prospect of trying to figure that out somewhat horrifying.