Last week we discovered a curious polar bear will quickly destroy the prying eye of an unwanted TV documentary camera.

Now it turns out that black bears will first try releasing their inner Ken Burns and using it ... before biting and knocking it to the floor.

At least that's what we're taking from this BBC documentary footage shot for the show "The Bear Family And Me" with nature expert Gordon Buchanan.

In the clip, a bear can be seen wandering over to an expensive tripod-mounted camera, which Buchanan had left running, and climbing behind it before peering through the lens as though filming footage.

But the cameraman's career is short-lived. It soon starts chewing on the microphone and knocks it to the floor ... just after BBC man says: "Don't do that, no no no, it's not mine, it's hired." Luckily the only damage done to the felled camera was a nibble taken out of the microphone and he was able to keep shooting.