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"Black Swan" and "Hot Tub Time Machine" have some of the best sex scenes of 2010. (UGO)

Josh Groban performed a musical rendition of Kanye West's best Tweets on "Jimmy Kimmel." (Daily Fill)

January Jones
revealed some details about her skimpy "X-Men: First Class" outfit. (Screen Junkies)

"Green Lantern" and "Thor" are two comic book movies to look forward to in 2011. (Film Critic)

Gerry Rafferty
, of "Stuck in the Middle With You" and "Baker Street" fame, has passed away. (PopEater)

Want to attend a star-studded Golden Globes party? Bid now. (Charity Buzz)

Hugh Jackman took a cricket ball to the crotch. (With Leather)

"Avatarth"-emed weddings must be stopped immediately. (Next Round)

Hugh Hefner thinks he's too good for condoms. (The Blemish)

Jake Gyllenhaal
and Taylor Swift have reportedly split up. (Radar Online)

Donald Duck is being accused of groping a woman's breast at Disney World. (Dumb As a Blog)