Every child dreams of being a superhero. Be revered, have powers, watch over the city from your secret hideout ... but then we grow up. Well, most of us.

An anonymous man in Seattle is drawing attention coming to the aide of regular citizens in need while dressed in full superhero regalia.

On Sunday evening, a local man who asked to be called Dan was walking back to his car when he saw a thief trying to break in. Before he could even react, a masked man calling himself Phoenix Jones emerged from the shadows and fended off the would-be burglar.

Is Phoenix Jones a real-life superhero? Well, not quite. First of all he has no powers, carries a taser, and keeps his suit at a comic book store. But hey! He's making a difference, as are the eight other members of his crime-fighting movement.

At least until he encounters a supervillain, that is ... or somebody with a gun ... or somebody bigger than him ... or somebody with a lawyer. Whatever, at least he's trying. Plus, he does have a pretty cool suit.

Anyway, check below for video a local news report on Mr. Jones.