A week-long amateur bullfighting event in Colombia has seen some 48 would-be matadors being injured after jumping into an arena to taunt 1,000-pound bulls. No, we're not surprised either.

This all happened as part of the Colombian tradition of "Corralejas," where crazy, wannabe bullfighters try their hand at the sport only to fail horrifically, for the most part.

Seriously, the footage below is not for the faint of heart. Think man-being-tossed-about-like-a-rag-doll-by-a-mad-as-hell-bull kind of thing, and then up the ante a little bit.

An average of 20 participants die each year in the six-day event, which has been going on for 150 years now.

But unlike traditional bullfights with trained, professional matadors, during Corralejas it is expressly forbidden to kill the animals. Yes, the animals you're throwing spears at and waggling red flags in the faces of -- those animals.

Check out the video for yourself if you're feeling brave.