OK, slight exaggeration. Neither time nor the Internet stopped when these pictures of "Mad Men" star January Jones hit the Web, but our hearts nearly did. What with her being so purty and all.

Ostensibly, they're shots by Mario Testino for Versace, attempting to sell handbags (damn those well/badly positioned handbags), but really, it's all about January Jones. It's always been about January Jones. From the beginning of time until forever and ever.

Scroll down for more shots of the soon-to-be-star of "X Men: First Class" (she plays Emma Frost, in case you didn't know already), and try to resist swooning.

Yes, men are allowed to swoon, but only in front of a few carefully selected women. On the list so far: January Jones, Meryl Streep. Because, you know, Meryl Streep. Just us? Fine.