Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.

More women are marrying men who are better-educated than they are and have more earning potential than they do.

A study by the Centre for Policy Studies, a think tank in England, found that in 1949, 20 percent of women married men with significantly higher levels of eduction (and thus more earning potential) than their own. That figure had jumped to 38 percent by the late '90s. While the data in the study was taken from Great Britain, this same trend of "marrying up" exists in the rest of Europe, Australia and the United States.

Dr. Catherine Hakim, the sociologist who authored the study, also found evidence that, despite this trend, women continue to downplay that they are looking for a higher-income partner. Hakim believes women do this because it's "politically incorrect" for them to give the impression they want to be a housewife.

Bad news for any fellow earning a humble blogger's salary, if we do say so ourselves.