OK, that headline obviously needs a bit of context. According to our friends at With Leather, Andre Agassi recently did something strange while participating in a charity auction in Taiwan.

During the proceedings, Agassi suddenly announced that he would show a naked cell phone picture of his wife, tennis legend Steffi Graff, to the highest bidder. Agassi then started the bidding at $4,000.

Our first reaction to this was that if there is anything creeper than auctioning off a nude photo of your wife to a group of foreign businessmen, we don't even want to know about it.

However, upon further reflection, our view began to soften. In fact, it's kind of sweet that Agassi believes his wife of almost 10 years is so desirable that someone would pay $4,000 for the privilege of glancing at a tiny photo of her in the buff.

What do you think? Does Agassi's unusual auction behavior make him a creep or a somewhat misguided romantic?

Is Andre Agassi a creep?
Yup -- Steffi needs to check their house for hidden cameras 833 (54.2%)
Nope -- he's just really into his wife704 (45.8%)