While countless men and women rush off to the gym and order more salads as part of their New Year's resolutions, Ryan Hohman will busy himself consuming exactly 2,011 delicious chicken wings. Now that's a New Year's resolution we can get behind.

Coming off his first week, the 27-year-old VH1 Web producer has chowed down on 38 of the 2,011, roughly 1 percent of his goal. To keep up with the project and actually march into 2012 victorious, Hohman needs to eat roughly five wings a day (167 per month.)

It probably won't surprise you to learn that Hohman's love of chicken wings has been an ongoing affair. Prior to the endeavor, which has been dubbed the "wing man project," Hohman feasted on wings Saturday, Sunday and Monday during the football season.

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Despite his prior dedication to chicken wing consumption, however, upping the intake this much is no small feat.

"My stomach has built up a pretty good tolerance for wings, but I do fear heartburn," Hohman tells Asylum. "I've had problems with it in the past."

Despite any complications that may try to road-block this honorable man's success, he plans to persevere. As for Hohman's favorite place to guzzle down the messy, but oh-so-tasty fare, the New York resident tells us it's a toss-up.

"My favorite place to get them is at the Green Rock in Hoboken, but I'm also a big fan of the wings at Croxley Ales in the East Village and Manny's on the Upper East Side," he says.

You can follow The Ultimate Wingman's chicken wing adventures on both Facebook and Twitter (@2011wings) where he'll update fans about all his wing-eating shenanigans