While women gained the right to vote in the United States over 80 years ago, men continue earn more in the workplace and hold more leadership positions than their female counterparts. However, there is one industry where it's much better to be a woman than a man: the sex toy business.

Chastity Belt for Men is proof.

Proudly displayed at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, these devices do exactly what their name promises. They lock up a man's junk in medical-grade polycarbonate plastic. Only the person who holds the key gets to ride the disco stick.

We know what you're thinking: What happens when wearers have to urinate? Don't worry! Chastity Belt for Men has that covered. There's a hole at the end so liquid can be dispensed, but the rest of the shaft and tip are completely covered. Not only will wearers not be able to cheat on their partners, but they're even going to have trouble pleasuring themselves.

This must be some gag gift, right? No man in his right mind would lock up his family jewels and give someone else the key. Well, these chastity belts price around $150, so that would be an expensive joke.

The company's website appears to be completely serious. They market it as "the perfect solution" for women concerned with how much her man masturbates, curing infidelity and adding spice back into a marriage.

According to their homepage, "He will worship the ground you walk on. Men love power, and knowing you have exchanged this power will bring him to his knees."

But don't just take Chastity Belt for Men's word for it. Their site includes testimonials from happy customers. A man from Michigan claims: "It is secure, comfortable, restrictive, and airport safe. I don't even know it's there." We wonder if he was body scanned before writing that?

Another man from Florida writes: "Now my wife lets me go to Vegas with a smile and the security of knowing that she is my key holder. This product is much more effective than the marriage counseling." Of course, marriage counselors don't come in camouflage, wood grain and chrome models.

Well, if you really can't seem to stay faithful, buying one of these may just be the thing that gets your wife to stay. Just make sure she doesn't lose the key. Calling a locksmith in that situation will cost you a lot more in pride alone than a divorce.

Head to Chastity Belt for Men for an animated demo of how they work.