Maxim and Olivia Munn have managed to kick up a bit of controversy with the February issue of the magazine.

That's because cover girl Munn, who is staring in the new sitcom "Perfect Couples," is wearing panties which some folks believe are little too transparent.

"It's disgusting," said Dan Gainor, vice president of business and culture at the Media Research Center. "Maxim has moved their magazine from tawdry to full-on pornography."

Gainor then goes on to recommend that if a parent sees the Maxim in question in the magazine rack that he or she "make a scene" until the manager removes it from plain view.

We have to admit it took us a moment even to notice how see-through Munn's underwear is on the cover, since we were so focused on her pretty face. (That's right, ladies, we're single.)