This week features a blonde and a bike -- two great things that go great together. Abbie admits to having "blond moments," but we look at them as endearing testaments to humanity rather than stupidity based on hair color. The NEOS motorbike, designed by Daniel Munnink, takes a decidedly smart look at the perks of both motorcycles and automobiles and marries them into a creative convergence that wouldn't look out of place in a video game or a sci-fi flick.

Which would you rather have?
Abbie -- I prefer blondes336 (44.8%)
NEOS Motorbike -- I prefer speed414 (55.2%)

Keep reading for happy Abbie at the beach, and the pros and cons.

Pro: Knowledgeable party girl -- knows the perfect hangover remedy
Con: Her "blond moment" was misspelling her own middle name
Pro: Has a thing for flowers in her hair
Con: Closet Nickelback fan

NEOS Motorbike
Pro: Green vehicle that runs off a rechargeable induction motor
Con: Features an airbag, but we have our doubts it would help much during a crash
Pro: Sleek, futuristic design makes hovering skateboards and flying cars look silly in comparison
Con: Only a design concept ... for now, anyway