As you've probably heard, Asylum will soon be closing up shop. We've had a lot of fun writing about booze and gear and sports and entertainment and all the weirdness that makes the world so strange and wonderful.

And, of course, we've devoted a lot of our space to women, pictures of women, and the sexy things women do.

Five ladies in particular jump out at us as we contemplate the last three years. Now we want you decide which one gets to be Miss Asylum, a distinction that means little now and will mean even less in about two weeks.

Read on for sexy photos of each of our nominees and an explanation of how each woman has made her mark on Asylum.

Who Should Be Ms. Asylum?
Olivia Munn -- she gave us advice and pranked us1210 (45.0%)
Megan Fox -- we tried to have her booted from the Internet 235 (8.7%)
Christina Hendricks -- we followed her very closely 593 (22.1%)
Mandy Moore -- she topped our only 100 Hottest list182 (6.8%)
Betty White -- We put her on a T-shirt before her comeback became mainstream469 (17.4%)

Olivia Munn
There is always going to be debate over whether Olivia really speaks geek, but she was nice enough to give us a bunch of sex tips, and pulled an epic prank on one of our interns.

Megan Fox
Yeah, we made fun of her thumbs and tried to get her kicked off the Internet for a day, but like the second grader who pulls a girl's hair, we only did it because she's so pretty.

Christina Hendricks
There are two big reasons we've done an awful lot of posts on Christiana Hendricks.

Mandy Moore
She was the surprise number one of our only crack at doing a Top 100 hottest women of the year list, which we based on a formula using search engine results. As completely out-of-left-field winners go, you could do a lot worse than Mandy Moore.

Betty White
We like to think our constant championing of the Golden Girl played a big role in her unprecedented reemergence at age 88. And if returning Betty White to the spotlight ends up being our legacy, that's a pretty fine legacy.