That's a real warm crack, there.It's been long enough that we'd almost forgotten what life is like outside the big city, in places where bars only sell 3.2-percent-alcohol beer and people participate in pie-eating contests without any discernible sense of irony. Thank goodness for this video of a hot crack in Michigan.

The crack, which is 3 or 4 feet deep in spots and sometimes half a foot wide, just "appeared" in the ground and gives off heat. How much heat? Enough that the snow which has filled the crack is a little melty-looking, folks, and it is blowing the minds of a couple of Michiganders who met via YouTube to check the thing out.

It's kind of like a "Fargo"-ier version of double rainbow, the difference being, of course, that we can't actually see the heat emanating from the crack in the ground that is apparently so amazing.

According to the man behind the camera, this is a "huge alert" for "YouTubeLand," and we certainly don't want to disagree. People might need to know that there is a crack in the ground in Northern Michigan that's giving off heat, but they definitely need to know that there are still places where people are literally looking at holes in the ground for fun.

Check out the "excitement" after the jump.