It was a story that warmed hearts: Ted Williams, a homeless man with a pitch-perfect radio voice was found panhandling on the streets of Ohio by a local journalist, whose video about Williams and his golden pipes then went viral.

Suddenly, Williams -- who has a long history of substance abuse and petty crime -- was the belle of the media ball, and got a parade of job offers for voice-over work .

Unfortunately, as our friends FilmDrunk report, things aren't going so well for the overnight sensation. Allegedly clean for two years, the 53-year-old has been drinking heavily, and that was a factor in his recent dust up with his daughter, which led to Williams being detained briefly by the police.

Now mustachioed guardian angel Dr. Phil has swooped in, sending Williams straight to rehab. When he returns, the media will surely be waiting.

Do you think Williams stands any chance of getting his act together? Or has his new-found fame left him destine to become an even more weather-beaten version of Lindsey Lohan?

Will Ted Williams be able to defeat his demons?
He could -- maybe he just needs the right kind of help883 (45.2%)
Probably not -- this tiger is too old to change his stripes681 (34.9%)
Who cares -- plenty of less-golden voiced bums deserve our help more388 (19.9%)