Maybe this Estonian man just wanted to clear the snow from his roof, maybe he wanted to go one better than a certain DIY avalanche in the fail stakes. If it was the latter, then mission accomplished.

You see, rather than letting the snow build up on his roof and risk a smaller version of this urban avalanche, he decided to take matters into his own hands and systematically remove it.

But it wasn't going to be that easy, because with the possible exception of wind, snow has an uncanny habit of making us look like fools, whether driving to work or presenting a news report.

And the snow didn't disappoint. One minute the man was diligently removing the snow, the next he was lying on the floor having been on the wrong end of a roof avalanche.

Well, at least his roof didn't collapse. And judging by his laughter (we don't have clue what he said), the chap seems able to see the funny side, likely because his 10-foot fall was injury-free. Check below for the video.