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Natalie Portman posed topless for a new Dior perfume ad. (PopEater)

Tom Hanks' youngest son is apparently a terrible rapper who goes by the name "Chet Haze". (FilmDrunk)

Amanda Seyfried
is a vision in red in the latest stills from "Red Riding Hood." (Screen Junkies)

These pint-size "Jersey Shore" impersonators are just plain wrong. (Radar Online)

Homeless hero Ted Williams will enter rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. (TMZ)

Anna Paquin and McLovin star in some of the wildest party scenes from the movies. (UGO)

The Gameboy iPhone case could be enough to make us switch to Verizon. (Next Round)

These sexy photos of Cristina Del Basso prove why "Big Brother" is still popular overseas. (Holy Taco)

Former Kanye West squeeze Shay UK Bombshell is now just Shay Bombshell. (The Smoking Jacket)

Some dumb kid actually copied "A Christmas Story" and got his tongue stuck on a frozen pole. (Aol Weird News)

Meet Candice Crawford, fiancee of Tony Romo and smokin' babe. (With Leather)