Streaker FailIt wasn't exactly a high-profile sporting event, but that wasn't going to stop this streaker from doing his thing. The transparent door to the tennis court, however, that's a different matter. It's a streaker fail.

We all know the key to being a successful streaker is getting attention while disrupting the event of your choice and wearing nothing but a cheeky smile.

But it doesn't always go according to plan. While there isn't too much information to go on, this 30-second video of Internet gold shows our nude hero running toward what looks like a flood-lit amateur tennis practice (albeit on a tiny court) while shouting to his buddy with the camera.

As he tries to run onto the court and disrupt the action, he comes to an embarrassing standstill -- because he failed to notice a see-through door to the court and ran (let's say head-first) into it. Keep reading for the video.

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