Last year, Asylum played and wrote about "BoneTown," a NSFW (and arguably anywhere else) adult video game that let players snort cocaine, punch hippies in the face and -- of course -- have sex.

We're still recovering. However, D-Dub Software, the company behind the crass and kinky title, is readying another debaucherous prod at pop culture -- this time with video games themselves as part of the parody.

"BoneCraft" lampoons "World of Warcraft," expertly focusing on something that game already has its fair share of: half-naked female elves. Dubbed an "erotic fantasy quest" by its creators, we're expecting plenty of space marine–on-elf action and filthy orc sex.

It's safe to say "BoneCraft" will elicit mixed feelings (in your head and in your pants) when it releases later this year. Check out the official site for the NSFW trailer featuring an all-girl elven orgy and post your offended (or aroused) reaction in the comment section.