All humans deserve the following basic rights: life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and the ability to dip your chicken wings with ease.

Before the WingDipper came along, the latter was considered more a privilege than a right. Thousands who feasted upon scrumptious chicken wings were forced to use subpar dipping cups that led to endless frustration, messy fingers and -- worst of all -- inadequately covered wings.

Aaron Foss, a 32-year-old computer-programmer-turned-entreprenuer, was a victim of this very misfortune. His battle against inferior wing dipping experiences all began on one lazy Sunday afternoon.

"It was a day like any other. Me out at a bar, eating wings, watching the game. I went to put bleu cheese dressing on my wings, and it just didn't fit in that little round cup," Foss laments.

That's when a hazy vision entered Foss's mind. That vision? None other than the WingDipper. The whole thing was kind of like in "Back to the Future" when Doc Brown invents the flux capacitor, Foss tells Asylum.

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"I thought for a second and realized that you'd need two shapes to dip the two different parts of the wing -- a round one for the drumstick and an oval cup for the flat wing," he explains.

Five years later, the WingDipper has a cult following. The cup itself fits in the palm of your hand and measures about 3 inches long and 1-1/2 inches wide.

So, not only does the invention actually improve the whole wing-dipping process, it also conserves the amount of dressing used, since it's an alternative to too-large cups filled with too much dip.

"At first, people don't get it, but then they use it and realize it's a way better experience," says Foss. "After you use the WingDipper, you can't go back to regular round cups again."

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