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Sofia Vergara's cleavage, the rest of Sofia Vergara attended the Golden Globes. (The Blemish)

Bruce Willis will be starring in "The Expendables" sequel. (Screen Junkies)

Natalie Portman and "The Social Network" were among the winners at the Golden Globe Awards. (Radar Online)

Robert De Niro slammed 3-D movies, "Little Fockers" and the Hollywood Foreign Press in his Golden Globes acceptance speech. (PopEater)

A Michael Jackson "soundalike" is claiming to have sung on the King of Pop's posthumous album. (TMZ)

"Jersey Shore" "star" J-Woww slammed Kim Kardashian for not fessing up to getting plastic surgery. (Daily Fill)

Jose Canseco will probably get "fired" as a contestant in the next season of "Celebrity Apprentice." (With Leather)

"Baseketball" is one of the fictitious sports that should be real. (UGO)

"Green Hornet"'s failure proves that green superheroes are dumb. (Dumb As a Blog)

Score a tour of Playboy Radio with model Jessica Hall by bidding now. (Charity Buzz)

Start your week off right with 25 photos of Lou Ferrigno being awesome. (Holy Taco)