With Asylum's cyber-death now just days away, it's only natural that we get a bit existential with our last Barroom Debate.

So, today we consider the Internet, the platform that has given Asylum its life over the last three years. Perhaps more importantly, the Internet has also completely changed the way us humans work and play and interact over the last decade.

While we were able to think of 10 good reasons for why the Internet revolution has been a positive force, we were just as easily able to think of 10 negative counterpoints for the good reasons.

Read on to check them all out, and, if you have anything to add, let us know in the comment section.
Has the Internet been a good thing?
Yes -- it connects you to the world, and has lots of funny videos1061 (83.9%)
Not really -- we were doing just fine without it204 (16.1%)

Pro: It probably makes your job easier, and it certainly makes most workplaces more entertaining.
Con: The efficiency it brings to the workplace is probably contributing to the stubbornly high -- and possibly permanent -- unemployment rate.

Pro: In just about no time, you can learn an awful lot about almost anybody.
Con: In just about no time, somebody can learn an awful lot about you.

Pro: Almost everything on the Internet is free, and the government hardly regulates it.
Con: Everything you do on the Internet is being recorded on a mainframe somewhere, where it will probably remain for the rest of your life.

Pro: A paperless life is a much more organized life.
Con: Staring at a screen all day can't be good for your eyes or your health in general.

Pro: Most of the world's information is now at your fingertips.
Con: Many of the arguments the Internet immediately settles would have been fun to carry on for a while.

Pro: The Internet gives you an unprecedented exposure to other viewpoints.
Con: The Internet allows you to exist solely in an enormous cocoon of the like-minded.

The Internet distributes great works of creativity that wouldn't otherwise have a mass audience.
Con: The Internet devalues the artist's work by offering it up for free.

The Internet is teeming with naked and scantily clad ladies.
Con: All the smut on the Internet takes away from the thrill of seeing naked and scantily clad ladies in real life.

Pro: Just about anybody can now broadcast their thoughts to just about everybody in the world.
Con: Most people's thoughts aren't that interesting, it turns out.

The Internet has made almost everything easier to do.
Con: Now we've gone soft, and we'd be in big trouble if the Internet were to break.