Austin, Texas, apparently everyone's favorite city in America, is famous for its array of street-legal art cars. But Austin musician David Weaver has done them all one better -- he has an art school bus. It's also a viable house, complete with a fireplace, a functioning kitchen, a piano, a second-floor porch, classy interior woodworking, three stories and a picket fence.

We talked to Weaver, who now lives in an apartment next to the bus, into giving us a tour of his ultimate mobile home -- which he drove from Seattle to Austin in 2009 -- and learned how he built it.

"After I graduated from college," Weaver says, "A friend and I started the project. We spent about a year getting it ready, then spent a few months driving it across the country before coming to Austin." The bus, which runs on vegetable oil, is roughly the same height as an 18-wheeler, with the camper top down. It's entirely self-sufficient, with the engine running as a generator when necessary, and a 50-gallon water tank attached to keep the kitchen and shower functional even when moving or parked in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

Keep reading to see more pictures of Weaver's ultimate home-away-from-home and an ex exclusive video tour.