Our own Emily McCombs, she of A Woman's Perspective, has enlightened us through the years with her thoughts on everything from manscaping to skid marks to robot hookers. And now she's opining on the cinematic arts. Specifically, boobs on the big screen.

In an interview with Mr. Skin (NSFW), Asylum's token girl reveals the nudie scenes that had an impact on her, and we're sorry to say that one of them involves Nic Cage getting a handy under the table.

But there's also mention of filthy hooker sex, steamy lesbian romps, and the low-budget horror films that are able to terrify and arouse in equal measure. ("I was really traumatized by those 'Sleepaway Camp' movies when I was a kid, but they were also full of boobs, which was titillating.")

You can read the full interview here. Again, it's NSFW (unless your office has a stripper pole in it).