This is it: the final "Would You Rather" post. From now on you'll just need to find a new excuse to look at cute college girls and nerdy gear. We're sure it won't prove too difficult.

Alyssa is a freshman seeking a psychology degree. We fear for her odds at success, though. Will patients feel comfortable spilling their deepest insecurities to such a beauty? If not, there's always the PLX XWave, a combination brain reader and app that tells just what's on your mind. If you're intently thinking about Alyssa for example, your brain is probably full of beta waves. That doesn't mean you're having dirty thoughts necessarily; just concentrating.

Which would you rather have?
Alyssa -- Future hot shrink623 (81.2%)
PLX XWave -- See what your brain is doing144 (18.8%)

Stay with us long enough to read the pros and cons and see Alyssa at the beach setting up an umbrella.

Pro: She's a gaming geek who still plays her SNES.
Con: She's also a "Gleek." (God, what a terrible word.)
Pro: Keeps in shape by taking kickboxing classes.
Con: Could really hurt you if you piss her off.

Pro: Find out what's going on inside your brain -- literally.
Con: You might not like what you find.
Pro: Works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
Con: Awkward-looking head gear.