Listen, guys, we need to talk. Where is this relationship is going? Because we're not getting any younger, and someday we want to get married. Not really for the commitment or tax break or green card, but to have a "Ghostbusters" wedding cake, OK?

Of course, we'd be stealing the idea from Ricky Gonzalez and DonnaMarie SanSevero, who got hitched in November and combined their love of "Ghostbusters" with matrimonial desserts by asking Charm City Cakes to bake up a re-creation of the movie's final scene -- starring a proton pack–wearing bride and groom atop a skyscraper, zapping the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

"I had always thought that it would be a cool scene to have as a wedding cake, and I thought of it long before Ricky proposed," SanSevero tells Asylum. "Then, after we got engaged, we talked about a few other ideas -- scenes from 'Aliens,' 'Jaws,' 'Indiana Jones' -- but 'Ghostbusters' was the hands-down winner."

Charm City delivered with a 3-foot-tall skyscraper made of pumpkin-cinnamon cake frosted with butter cream and surrounded by church rubble made of Rice Krispies treats. Fondant was used to create Mr. Stay Puft and the ghostbusting couple, whose energy streams even lit up.

"It was delicious, and our guests were floored," says SanSevero. "They didn't even realize it was a cake until it came time to cut it." The couple had six "floors" of cake left over that they took home at the end of the night, but not before first dancing to the "Ghostbusters" theme song.

Keep reading to see more photos of the cake that proves romance and geekdom isn't dead.

Wedding photos by
Angela Cappetta