Movie mistakes and continuity errors are a form of film trivia that go beyond mere geekiness. Geek knowledge regarding films consists of knowing who a film's cinematographer is or being able to recognize a score's composer by instrumentation alone.

The film-mistake spotter is a geek whose enthusiasm has become corrupt. As opposed to enjoying a film and trying to find out more about it, they take the self-destructive path of poking gaping reality holes in something they love.

The beauty of this strain of pervasive rationalism is that it doesn't extend to the subject matter of the film itself. It doesn't matter if it's dinosaurs being cloned using frog DNA -- it's the fact that the hinges are on the left when he opens the door, but are on the right when he shuts it, that they find confusing.

For eight classic examples of movie mistakes keep reading.

"Jurassic Park"
How about this for a continuity error? THE BLOODY DINOSAURS. They're about 65 million years out of place. Whatevs. Spielberg is known for playing fast and loose with continuity -- but he's better known for having won two Oscars for best director and being worth about $3 billion. Film directors: 1. Continuity spotters: 0.

Ridley Scott's sandals-and-sand epic "Gladiator" heralded the rebirth of a genre -- a genre that promptly died four years later with Colin Farrel in "Alexander." But just how did old Ridley get those chariots to flip over quite so amazingly? With massive, quite obvious gas canisters.

Okay, so "Titanic" came out 14 years ago now -- we think it's been long enough. On behalf of all men everywhere, we are willing to admit, that this film, as much as we derided it at the time ... isn't too bad, in fact we'd go so far as to say, it's pretty OK. Happy now? Right, and now to ruin it forever, here are all the mistakes in it.

"Full Metal Jacket"
Stanley Kubrick may be our favorite film director of all-time -- but even he was liable to make a few basic continuity errors. Luckily for us, this great video is dutifully narrated by an engagingly keen movie-mistake spotted. But before you watch it prepare yourself for the most nonchalant use of the phrase "bitch-slap" in the history of recorded sound.

Star Wars
We all know about the two biggest continuity errors and movie mistakes in Star Wars: A) The stormtrooper hitting his head, and B) Poor old Mark Hamill getting a dashboard face-lift between "A New Hope" and "The Empire Strikes Back." But did you know about all these?

Note: Star Wars is still so awesome.

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"
And to think "Dances With Wolves" won the Academy Award for best picture that year. We mean, lets just do the math. "Dances With Wolves" = Kevin Costner + one wolf – no mutants. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" = five mutants – Kevin Costner. There may have been a great injustice. Trust us, history will bear us out on this on. As if to prove how awesome it was, here are all the mistakes in TMNT, and guess what? None of them matter.

"Carry On Camping"
Great news everyone. Remember that list of people more pathetic than you that you've been working on since you were 14? (No, just us?) Well you can add another person to it today -- someone has sat and diligently looked for continuity errors, not in some Hollywood blockbuster, not in some painfully cool art house film, but in "Carry On Camping." You're feeling better about yourself right now aren't you?

"Dr. No"
The gentleman narrating this video seems to think that the continuity errors in early Bond films were deliberate, as a nod to film buffs and fellow film professionals. We're not so sure.